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Impressionism meets Augmented Reality

Yearly, around 350,000 visitors from all over the world visit Kunsthalle Munich. The renowned gallery has three major exhibitions this year with masterpieces from pre and early history until the present day and does not cease to surprise with special projects. One thing is clear: Museums must not be old-fashioned. A highlight forms a new offer in collaboration with the new work experts of Telekom MMS and Deutsche Telekom: With the help of augmented reality glasses Magic Leap, the visitors immerse into a mixed reality world and experience the impressionistic art work from Canada in a surprising manner.

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With the augmented reality technology, we can incorporate playful components in our exhibitions. Thus, we can convey totally different content and create an even more exciting experience for our visitors. Dr. Stefan Kirchberger, Head of Communication of the art gallery

Benefits to our customer

  • Enable new perspectives on art

  • Development of additional target groups such as digital natives and tech-savvy visitors

  • Combination of modern technology and timeless art


Old masterpieces lead to interactive experiences

The exhibition “In a new light – Canada and impressionism” in Kunsthalle München showed masterpieces of Canadian impressionists of late 19th up to early 20th century for the first time in Europe from 19th July to 17th November 2019. The exhibition introduces 36 artists with around 120 paintings, which are partly not yet publicly presented. This can alone be well worth a visit. There is also an additional highlight: With the collaboration of new work experts of Telekom MMS and Deutsche Telekom, the augmented reality glasses of US company Magic Leap allow a totally new perspective on the paintings. Similar to a treasure hunt, the visitor leads through the exhibition visually and audibly and fulfills the tasks.


Selected paintings change while looking through the glasses in such a way that the peculiarities of the impressionistic way of painting become evident. For example, the visitors experience, how the entire mood of the picture changes by the variation of some colors. As per type “Technology meets Art”, image recognition, spatial sound, animations and 3D objects blend in the mixed reality world for an immersive overall experience. Thus, the art works are enhanced and made more tangible for the viewer.

This application offers an exciting potential for other museums or in an adapted form for schools and further educational institutions.


About the art gallery Munich

With around 350,000 annual visitors, Art Gallery Munich is one of the renowned exhibition halls of Germany. Here, three big exhibitions take place per year revolving around different topics in city center, the heart of Munich. Around 1,200 m² exhibition space is equipped with most modern museum technology and provides a worthy platform to art works of different genres: painting, sculpting, graphics, photography, handicraft, design or fashion. Monographic exhibitions and thematic projects take place turn by turn; also, the interdisciplinary approaches are included in the versatile program of Art Gallery Munich.

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