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360 degree view of all real estate information

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One-platform solution creates a 360-degree view of all property information

The international real estate service provider CORPUS SIREO uses Salesforce to combine all its customer and real estate data along with business processes on one platform. The centralised system helps the company optimise work processes for employees as well as the service for the customers. Telekom Multimedia Solutions has supported CORPUS SIREO in its system implementation as part of a comprehensive digital strategy since 2015.

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Five different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems & different, manually maintained Excel sheets are to be standardised and automated as far as possible.



Digitization, integration and unification of processes through the implementation of a single, central cloud solution.



The new solution makes all information available across departments in the cloud and the data can be retrieved from anywhere in real time. This has significantly increased the efficiency and productivity of the employees and ultimately the faster response time also leads to an increase in sales.

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Telekom Multimedia Solutions has implemented our ‘one real estate platform’ and continues to support us in our transformation process. Marko Müller, Executive Director Digital Transformation

Benefits to our customer

  • Multifunctional website combines all departments

  • Increased sales due to shorter response time

  • Much higher employee efficiency and productivity


Replacing manual processes in daily business

As an internationally operating company in the real estate business, CORPUS SIREO relies on excellent customer and real estate data management – for the acquisition, support and sales as well as the purchase of properties.

How did the employees work before 2015?

  • Use of five different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • CRM systems partly highly individualised
  • No data exchange or synchronisation between the CRMs
  • Many processes, like data filing or maintenance, were performed via excel tables
  • Very high effort for maintenance and synchronization of contact and real estate data as well as other sales-relevant information

All in all, CORPUS SIREO aimed to digitise, network and standardise as many processes as possible throughout the company. This called for a modern, central cloud solution that would unite all the important data and processes on one platform, therefore significantly facilitating and improving daily work.


One-platform strategy replaces decentralised and time-intensive processes

CORPUS SIREO found a reliable partner for the implementation of the new cloud platform in Telekom Multimedia Solutions. Instead of five detached CRM systems, Telekom Multimedia Solutions developed a central platform based on the Salesforce Sales Cloud for company employees to bundle all the important data in one place.

Previously all activities relating to the acquisition, sale and management of real estate had been stored separately in the silos of the individual departments, but now the new solution consolidates all information throughout the company in the cloud. This gives every CORPUS SIREO employee a 360-degree view of the real estate transactions – even on-the-go, with an app optimised for mobile use.


More efficiency due to 360-degree view of all real estate information

By now, the new platform has enabled company employees to enjoy much greater transparency: they can access all account and real estate data at any time and from anywhere. This means they can react much faster and the acquisition of real estate is smoother. The support of investors is also much more fluid, since all important information can be seen immediately.

Bundling of many other processes in one place entirely via interfaces to Salesforce:

  • invoicing
  • contract execution
  • client acquisition
  • purchase and development of real estate

Where manual activities and discussions used to be prevalent, the consolidation and linking of the data is now enormously boosting the efficiency and productivity of employees. The faster response time ultimately also means a sales increase, since more transactions can take place in less time.

Further Advantages

  • Work directly in CRM: CORPUS SIREO employees can now share open invoices for permissions without exiting Salesforce.

  • Interfaces: Digital signatures with an interface link to DocuSign are also no longer a problem, so that documents can be processed and released more quickly.

  • Analysis options: Since all the important data are now integrated on one platform, this also results in much better access for detailed analysis.

  • External data sources: The additional link with external data sources enables an even more comprehensive overview of all activities.

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For us, it’s a very exciting project to support a global real estate company as it converts to nearly full digitisation. Konstanze Liebich, Strategy Consultant Salesforce

About CORPUS SIREO Real Estate

CORPUS SIREO operates as an asset manager, residential project developer and real estate broker in Germany and nine other European countries, functions as a co-investment partner for Pan-European real estate investments and develops an average of 500 residential units each year. CORPUS SIREO has over 500 employees in eleven company locations in Germany and Luxembourg and is an autonomous business unit of Swiss Life Asset Managers (Switzerland).

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