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Health for Customers and Employees - DAK Customer Care Goes Home Office!

Covid-19 forced many companies to rethink the accessibility of their customer service starting in mid-2020. A mixed blessing for all those establishments that had already dealt with a concept for making workplaces more flexible and the topic of home offices beforehand. DAK-Gesundheit had also considered the issue beforehand. This benefited the health insurance company in the Corona crisis. The elementary building block for the customer service of DAK-Gesundheit was still missing for the optimal work of the service employees: the provision of the complex telephony structure at the home office workplaces.


In order to maintain customer service operations even under pandemic restrictions and at the same time protect its own employees, DAK-Gesundheit dedicated itself to moving the IT infrastructure to the home offices at high pressure.

In addition, telephony with call center functionalities had to be available in the home office as well. One of the greatest challenges here was to replicate the highly complex call distribution. Removing the device-specific binding for use via smartphones, creating a technical basis for the secure forwarding of incoming calls to external numbers and mapping all this in the existing contact center solution were challenges for which DAK-Gesundheit relied on its long-standing partner Telekom MMS.


Within a few days, DAK-Gesundheit and Telekom MMS agreed on a solution package that consisted of numerous technological adjustments, considering relevant security aspects.

First, call forwarding for incoming calls was simulated and tested on the existing Genesys contact center system. The result: A short time later, call forwarding was implemented on all terminals outside the DAK environment. Incoming calls could therefore be forwarded to business and private employee cell phones. This meant that all employees in the home office could be reachable for incoming calls.
But forwarding to private cell phones raised security, cost and usability issues. One challenge was mapping DAK call numbers for outgoing calls, because employees were not supposed to be integrated into the DAK infrastructure with their private end devices. Telekom MMS therefore decided to include a cross-platform solution based on its partner NFON. This approach enabled telephony to be used on any end devices via web or mobile app. This decision eliminated the restriction of number signaling for outgoing calls.

The rollout into operations was carried out afterwards as a step-by-step transition of the overall solution in waves of 500 users each. In the course of the rollout, DAK-Gesundheit realized that the complexity of the new solution was leading to increased queries from its service agents. In order to be able to respond quickly and competently, Telekom MMS and NFON provided a free support hotline at short notice during the installation phase, which will continue to be offered during the operational phase.


With the home office solution, DAK-Gesundheit succeeded in ensuring its service operation with full functionality for 8,000 employees almost seamlessly. One of the health insurance company's most important characteristics, offering regional support in the form of diverse dedicated hotlines, was maintained thanks to the smooth inclusion of the home offices in the complex routing processes. Thus, DAK-Gesundheit demonstrated to its policyholders responsiveness and highest solution orientation even in unforeseen and socially very demanding times.

As a result of the short-term implementation, the topic of home office has achieved a new status at DAK Health and has been given a higher ranking on the digital agenda. The existing project group between DAK-Gesundheit and Telekom MMS is now working on a target solution that can be integrated even more seamlessly into DAK-Gesundheit's business applications.

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With 5.8 million insured persons, DAK-Gesundheit is a public corporation with self-governing administration and is one of the largest statutory health insurance funds in the Federal Republic of Germany. Across Germany, DAK-Gesundheit employs around 11,500 employees and maintains around 320 customer service offices.

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