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HanseWerk Natur Puts Energy into digital Customer Service from Home Office

Energy suppliers are system-relevant even in challenging times. Being available to the customers in the north of Germany at all times via one of the seven customer service hotlines, even from the home office, suddenly confronted HanseWerk Natur with a new task. For just as important to the company as maintaining the service is the health of its employees and the associated possibility of extending customer service to the home office.

However, the existing contact center solution did not allow for this flexibility and was only functional from the offices. HanseWerk Natur therefore decided to implement a new digital solution in the middle of its end-of-year business, which would ensure both the maintenance of its service hotlines and employee health.


Pandemic-Driven Need for a Holistic Homeworking Regime

The second pandemic-driven lockdown and the increasing restrictions on public life made HanseWerk Natur's need for a holistic home office arrangement increasingly urgent. While other departments were already working from home offices, this had not been possible for customer service staff so far. The reason: the outdated on-premise-based contact center solution, which only allowed them to work from their offices.

HanseWerk Natur was therefore looking for the fastest possible availability of a new contact center solution, on which the complete mapping of the routing logic of the legacy system should first be found.


Omnichannel-Contact-Center based on Basis the Genesys Cloud Platform

The solution was found in the form of the Omnichannel Contact Center based on the Genesys Cloud Platform. 100 percent cloud-based, it requires no local hardware and can therefore be used without restriction in the home office. It can be fully configured by HanseWerk Natur and includes extensive monitoring and reporting functionalities. The Voice Inbound Channel with the seven customer service hotlines was then mapped on the Genesys Cloud Platform.

Telekom MMS thus provided a solution that HanseWerk Natur used to launch a pilot in productive use after just three weeks. This worked so well that the pilot could be seamlessly transferred to live operation. The overall package included the following services: Subscriptions, consulting, configuration services, carrier services, testing, training and Hypercare support during the pilot and go-live phases. During the operational phase, 2nd level support assists the users of HanseWerk Natur.


Customer Care from Home-Office

The short-term benefit for HanseWerk Natur becomes immediately obvious: By using the new Genesys Cloud Contact Center, customer service can now be performed by the employee from the home office without any restrictions. Necessary configurational adjustments to the system can be carried out by HanseWerk Natur's specialist and IT departments themselves, which provides great flexibility.

Furthermore, the energy provider has laid the foundation for the customer service of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow with this solution: The Genesys Cloud forms a stable and modern basis for numerous further developments. For example, the integration of additional service channels such as chat and e-mail, the use of monitoring and reporting data for integration into existing BI solutions, the integration of specialist systems for energy suppliers to map industry-specific processes, and the expansion of the user group to other departments, such as sales, are all possible.

About HanseWerk Natur

HanseWerk Natur GmbH, a hundred percent subsidiary of HanseWerk AG, is one of the largest regional energy service providers in northern Germany, headquartered in Hamburg. The business areas include the supply of heating, cooling and steam as well as the supply of electricity from plants with combined heat and power generation, the technical operation of third-party plants as well as the generation of electricity from renewable energies with an annual turnover of 150 million euros. HanseWerk Natur has 7 operating sites with 200 employees and covers the federal states of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the northern part of Lower Saxony.

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